The school offers indoor as well as outdoor sports program. The learners are given the choice to select between ‘Martial Arts’ and ‘Archery’ under Indoor Sports. Whereas ‘Cricket’ and ‘Football’ are options open under outdoor sports program. The highlight of the outdoor program is 360o fitness.


Under CASP we allow the creative musicians to choose music by FSM (Furtados School of Music) and for the energetic dancers we have a program designed by Shaimak Davar for schools. At the end of the year we organize a culmination. Which showcases the performing arts learner by the learners.


Project based learning – A teaching learning methodology designed for impactful learning where students come up with a tangible outcome of their learning. Social Studies is completely taught through PBL for grades 1 to 5. Parents have thanked the school for this creative methodology as they find their children enjoy while learning.


One of the most talked about program after receiving 7th rank across best schools in India is the STEM program offered by Delhi World Public School, Nerul. The encapsulation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with take away activities every month has been a great success. The activities are selected and designed to reinforce all the theoretical concepts covered in the subjects. The learners learn by doing!

Vitamin D

A unique concept by our research head Dr. Vandana Kumar. She believes mathematics needs a daily dose of practice every day. For Indians as we often communicate in English at our homes we need fluency in the language. Again there is a need to work on grammar and common errors in English plus thinking questions in science. Thus the research team has designed a book called ‘Vitamin D’ for all learners from grade 1 to 5.


A primary skill of 21st century is computational thinking. Coding is not just knowing about syntax of a particular language like Java or Python. It about understands what a program is capable of doing and using its ability to derive the best from it; making the computer or machine do things for us. Code monkey has been on boarded by the school to facilitate coding along with coding sandpit to build logic and learn theoretical concepts.